Webwindows, a leading media agency in the UK, feels that online companies can increase their conversion rates by advertising in the offline media particularly in newspapers and magazines. This claim of Webwindows is supported by a recent research conducted by Scarborough Research, which has thrown up some interesting facts related to print media. According to the report about 72% people find newspaper relaxing and enjoy reading it, while 68% feel that they are better informed after reading. For another 57% reading newspapers is a good pastime.

WebwindowsAccording to Webwindows consumers often research products and services on the Internet after they see them advertised in the newspapers. Webwindows feels that this is because the level of confidence that people have in the newspapers. Webwindows also points out that apart from this study, there are many other reports on the subject also highlight the fact that newspapers continue to reign supreme and are a trusted source of reading about products and services in the USA and the UK.

According to Webwindows consumers trust newspaper ads and the benefits of advertising and if they see an ad in both the online and offline mediums their faith in a product is reinforced. Webwindows feels that by combining newspaper advertising with online advertising you can better reach your consumers.

The reason for the popularity of the newspapers, feels Webwindows, is that they form an integral part of people’s daily experiences. According to Webwindows, the newspapers and magazines can effectively reach consumers because they are portable. Another reason says Webwindows, is that they provide timely source of advertising information and in this way help consumers decide on which website they can find the best deals.

Given the above, Webwindows says that it becomes clear to succeed, online companies must advertise in the offline Webwindowsmedium. In the UK, you can advertise your services through Webwindows an online company that ensures that your advertising pound is spent wisely. The Webwindows page appears in seven leading newspapers in the UK during weekends. The Webwindows page is read by over five million people per week. Research has shown that people, after seeing an advertisement in the Webwindows page, go online to buy the product and service on offer. Even if they don’t go immediately, they save the advert for further reference. By advertising with Webwindows, you can take advantage of some really great deals. Webwindows realizes that for advertising to turn into conversions, online should advertise at least three times in continuation. To make this cost effective for its customers, Webwindows has special deals and attractive discounts as also customer loyalty programs. The Webwindows representatives will also help you choose the right newspaper based on your offerings and market. The Webwindows representatives will also guide you in drafting your classified deals so that you get the best possible deal.